Chemistry Deaprtement of FMIPA ITB proudly presents International Conference on Frontiers in
Molecular Science. This is the first edition of this conference which is held in the celebration of 100 th
year of Bandung Institute of Technology. Molecular Sciences as the theme is chosen as the
conference title because molecular sciences have continued to be a forefront fields in shaping the
modern world. Progress in instrumentations and technology has benefited rapid development in the
field of molecular sciences which further contribute to the wellbeing of human kind. Molecular
sciences have broad applications in functional materials, medicinal, energy storage as well as
environment. The culmination in this field is the Nobel Laureate 2016 that was awarded to Professor
Ben. L. Feringa as pioneer in this field. We are honoured to host Professor Feringa in this conference
that will deliver a keynote lecture on what and how Molecular Sciences could help in shaping better
modern world. Along with Prof. Ben L. Feringa, there will be several distinguished speakers who are
well known in their fields to share their newest results.